Forging strong cyber security
solutions for your business

Whether it is developing a security strategy to facilitate a mobile
workforce; implementing secure Internet and Gateway services or
dealing with threat actors, RedAnvil can help you review, appraise and
prepare for the protection of your business

The deployment of information security solutions must be managed intelligently to ensure they are appropriate, comprehensive and adaptable. RedAnvil can provide the following information security services:

cyber security

Assess: Identify risks to information assets; Work with clients to assess and understand their risk profile and means to best mitigate, via controls or..

cyber security

Design: Develop appropriate mitigation strategies to address those risks;

cyber security

Implement: Put into effect solutions and technologies appropriate to the unique needs of each client;

Whether it is developing a security strategy to allow for facilitating a mobile workforce; initialising secure internet and gateway services or dealing with a threat actors, RedAnvil can help you review, appraise and prepare for the protection of your business.

Products & Services

Education. Phishing and social engineering are the hackers easy way in to any corporation and arguably the single largest threat. We can provide
executive briefings on a company’s threat profile and work to plan a
cost effective training and awareness program.

Information Protection. We can aid in reviewing and recommending ways to better manage your sensitive data. We assist in identifying the organisations “crown jewels” and data owners, build provide controls to better manage and protect, and help you secure and protect these critical assets.

Security Governance.From patching to passwords, account management to asset identification and data handling, every company needs clear governance. RedAnvil help develop and implement Policies, Procedures and Standards so you have a
solid governance framework.

Security Strategy. We can assist a company to develop its security strategy by working through the steps of reviewing any existing Strategic Plans, holding Strategy Workshops and building the new Strategic Plan to ensure you get a customized and actionable programme of work that underpins and supports the desired business outcomes.

Desktop & Server Security. Ensuring that desktops and servers are secure is crucial to any company. We can assist by carrying out system reviews, provide patching and vulnerability assessments, and build a prioritized plan to fix any problems discovered.

Network & Wireless Security. RedAnvil can work with you to review and assess network and wifi configuration and assist in vulnerability scans and reviews. Once completed we will provide you with an assessment document and if desired a remediation plan